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Transcending the struggle and finding freedom. TOGETHER.

Transcending the struggle and finding freedom. TOGETHER.

Megan Gewitz

How Megan Can Help

Through a combination of evidence-based modalities and traditional mindfulness practices, Megan is committed to providing the highest level of expert care in a setting that prioritizes your needs. With over 11 years of experience as a therapist, Megan supports adult individuals moving through a variety of mental health challenges. In particular, she has brought relief to clients tackling borderline personality disorder, severe emotion dysregulation, substance use disorders, eating disorders, problems with anger, self-harm, complex post traumatic stress disorder, and attachment trauma.

Megan’s work builds crucial emotional regulation skills for a joy-filled life by employing a blend of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), somatic experiencing (SE), Buddhist psychology and compassion-forward practices. You’ll work together as a team to move beyond symptom relief and into true well-being.

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Megan Gewitz

Therapy with Megan

Megan specializes in teletherapy, a virtual alternative to in-person therapy that allows her clients to remain in the comfort of their homes and save their commute time. Teletherapy also makes these specialized treatments available to individuals in areas where DBT and trauma therapy might be otherwise inaccessible.

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Therapy Modalities

Learn more about the proven approaches Megan uses to support you on your journey inward.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Online Skills Training Groups

Comprehensive Online DBT

Trauma Healing Therapies

“I’m so grateful and lucky to have found the right therapist for me. I trust Megan, and without a doubt would recommend her to anyone who wants to better themselves with a therapist who is professional, serious, has good boundaries, while still being gentle, empathetic, and caring. I feel safe and secure with Megan as my therapist.”

– L. M.

“I am so grateful to have gone through the journey with Megan and to come out a free individual. I have the clarity to now heal the wounds that so heavily weighed me down. Not only do I notice an improvement, but I was able to reconnect important relationships and hear responses like ‘You are calmer’ & ‘You have matured’.”

– A. S.

“I highly recommend Megan to anyone seeking sound advice, alternative healing through meditation, somatic bodywork and DBT, as well as a person who resonates with her own deep self healing work.”

– A. C.

When first met with Megan, I felt like I found a pot of gold. She truly did offer the gold standard treatment model with all four components of DBT. Megan is very compassionate about what she does.

– G. B.

Megan taught me how to trust again, how to trust in myself, and how to be trusted. Megan didn’t just make me want to live, but she helped me, and continues to help me, learn how to do that for myself.

– S. A.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” 

– Mulan


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