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Comprehensive Online DBT

Comprehensive Online DBT

Megan specializes in DBT via telehealth, which allows clients to participate in a comprehensive DBT program from the comfort of their homes. This online DBT program adheres to the gold standard treatment model including all four modes of treatment:

Online DBT Skills Group Training

Participants meet weekly for a skills training group that has the same format and structure as an in-person group session. The group studies and practices all four skills modules (Core Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness).

Online Individual DBT Therapy

One-on-one sessions via Zoom with the same structure and format as an in-person individual DBT; clients complete diary cards using an app called DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach.

Phone Coaching

Phone coaching provides clients with in-the-moment coaching on how to use skills to effectively cope with difficult situations that arise in their everyday lives. Clients can call their individual therapist between sessions to receive coaching when they need it most. Phone coaching is available seven days per week.

Consultation Team

DBT therapists meet regularly with their team to help one another and to manage the high stress and potential burnout of treating clients at high risk of suicide. This resource ensures therapists are providing the highest standard of care possible.

Many of my clients move to distant locations during the course of treatment, have hectic schedules that make committing to an in-person treatment impossible, or live in remote areas where high quality DBT programs are either scarce or totally unavailable.  I work successfully with these clients to deliver DBT according to the standard, evidence-based treatment model.  We use a private, secure, HIPPA-compliant, and user-friendly web-conferencing platform called Zoom.
– Megan

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When I first met Megan, all I wanted was to find somebody who could somehow make me want to live. I had been through multiple therapists and hospitalizations and had even undergone ECT treatment, none of which helped me to any significant degree. I was in a very dark place and desperate for something to change; Megan was that change for me.

In the few years I have worked with Megan as my therapist, I have made progress in many areas of my life that I never thought possible and gotten to know myself in ways I never did before. Megan is serious about DBT, passionate about what she does, and truly believes in what she teaches. She has a realness about her, and she knows how to create a therapy environment where you can say anything you need to, and it’s ok, no judgment. Therapy isn’t easy, there’s lots of hard work and ups and downs, but Megan doesn’t give up on people. I know that she genuinely cares about me and wants to see me do well, and that helps me care too. Megan taught me how to trust again, how to trust in myself, and how to be trusted. Megan didn’t just make me want to live, but she helped me, and continues to help me, learn how to do that for myself. 

S. A.

Former Client

“These pains you feel are messengers.
Listen to them.” 

– Rumi


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