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Online Skills Training Groups

Online Skills Training Groups

DBT Skills Group is another way for clients to develop the independent coping skills they need while working with others doing the same. Individuals are welcome to participate in the skills group without taking part in a full DBT program, however, clients engaged in life-threatening behaviors must also be in individual therapy.

This program includes four skill training modules:

  • Core mindfulness skills ­– to control the attention and to experience the present moment more fully
  • Distress tolerance skills – to tolerate painful and/or stressful events and emotions without escalating situations
  • Emotion regulation skills – to identify and modulate emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them
  • Interpersonal effectiveness skills – to express beliefs and needs, set limits, and negotiate solutions to problems while protecting relationships

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I’ve been in therapy for years, and have worked with a few DBT-informed therapists. I’ve never really felt connected to any of my therapists, nor did I feel like I had a good grasp on DBT. Megan was the thirteenth therapist I’ve had, but definitely the first one I’ve felt I connected with, as well as comfortable to be my vulnerable and authentic self with. I have BPD, and I met her during a really hopeless time in my life, where I was very symptomatic and having difficulties in my romantic relationship and life in general. The first day I met Megan, I knew she was different from other therapists I’ve had, she was special. She taught me a lot about myself, BPD, trauma, and DBT of course. She also helped me with boundaries for myself and others. She gently encouraged me to talk about things that I was ashamed to talk about, and let me know that I don’t have to be ashamed about them, especially with her.

I’m so grateful and lucky to have found the right therapist for me. I trust Megan, and without a doubt would recommend her to anyone who wants to better themselves with a therapist who is professional, serious, has good boundaries, while still being gentle, empathetic, and caring. I feel safe and secure with Megan as my therapist. Megan has helped me tremendously throughout the years, I’ve improved so much since when I first started working with her. She’s also very generous to her clients and makes us all feel special.

L. M.

Former Client

“The only journey is the one within.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke


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